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Emperador Light


Kea facts

  • We select top grade blocks for producing premium quality slabs for export.
  • We can supply both 20mm and 30mm thick slabs.
Emperador Light is one of the most popular and widely used marbles in the whole world. We work with this marble for 10 years now and familiar with all aspects of this material. The structure of its surface pattern combines something regal and at the same time something very cozy and warm. This is exactly the reason why this light marble and its signature patterns have been the all-time favorite among architects and designers all over the world throughout centuries. The fashion for this stone seems to be eternal. However, daily consumers can only appreciate the beauty of this stone applied in interior decoration, while stone processing experts who have been in this industry for years know everything about the price of this beauty and all the plenteous problems they have to face while working with this stone.

Our expertise and profound knowledge of this material, as well as close cooperation with its large importers in China, are the factors of utmost importance when targeting to successfully complete projects of any degree of complexity finished with this stone.

Physical and mechanical properties

Density, kg/cbm 2750
Water absorbency, % 0,26
Flexual strength, MPа 10
Compressive strength, MPа 135
Radiation class Class 1:
approved for indoor and outdoor usage without limits

Details about Emperador Light. Processing. Application.

   There are dozens of quarries of Emperador Light and its close substitutes scattered around the world. China's stone market offers Emperador Light varieties from Spain, Turkey and domestic Chinese option. However, in the last years Turkey has become the largest supplier of this stone. It is Turkish material that is represented most widely and most popularly on the international stone market. But even in Turkey itself the stone is supplied from dozens of very different quarries. This is one of the main reasons of heterogenity and irregularity of its color and surface pattern. We will discuss this question in detail a bit later.

   Paradoxically, buying Turkish Emperador Light in China is a lot better deal than doing the same in Turkey. This is explained by the market trends and specifics. China is considered to be the largest consumer of this stone in the world. According to our rough evaluation, the import of this stone to China exceeds 15 thousand tons monthly. Ironically, Chinese market consumes this stone in any quality. Chinese stone traders «book» whole layers of quarries before the stone is even excavated, without any slightest effort for quality selection. This results in lower prices offered to Chinese bulk buyers, comparfed to those offered to Turkish manufacturers that select their blocks from whatever is left from Chinese traders. Even after all the logistic costs (that, by the way, are coveniently low in the recent years) are added up, the cost of raw stone in China is a lot lower than the same in Turkey. Volumes of blocks and slabs available in China are much greater than they are in the country of origin. On the other hand, manufacturing facilities and efficiency of processing are at much higher level in China. 

   However, when it comes to quality, this is where things start to get complicated. Due to Chinese importers buying stone in bulk, without quality selection, as well as due to initially low percentage of high quality material in original quarries, 90% of this stone offered on Chinese market is below average quality. Moreover, market demand for top qiality stone, despite of its high price, is greater than the demand for lower quality stone, therefore top top quality blocks are sold out very fast and the market always experiences scarcity. Pagoda-Build does not import this stone. However, we are the experts working with this stone on regular basis and occupying a very well defined niche in supplies of exceptionally top quality Emperador Light and manufacturing products of this stone of international quality standards. We have business ties with several largest importers. In the given framework of our cooperation with them, we are the first distributors to be informed about arrivals of new batches of this stone to Chinese warehouses, thus we can select the best quality raw stone at dealership prices.

Signature properties of Emperador Light that we supply:

1.  Warm light color with distinctively uniform surface pattern.  
2.  No cracks in 90% of finished products. Cracks is a normal feature of this stone, while repairing marble cracks is a normal practise in stone processing around the world. However, we clearly understand that since majority of our finished products is to be exported, which involves high risks of transportation damages, therefore we sort cracked and crackless blocks apart on the very stage of blocks selection. This is the guarantee of perfect quality products that always arrive intact to our customers.. 
3.  Guarantee of 20mm and 30mm thick slabs of export standard. 99% of slabs offered by Chinese market are 14, 15 or 16 mm thick (which we also can supply upon request of our customers).  

Video of checking slabs quality


Possible problems that you should be aware of:


1. Non-uniform color and surface pattern. Due to originating from different quarries, finished stone can vary in its color, from light beige to dark brown. Surface pattern may also vary greatly, from almost totally pure solid color to that with plenty of veins. One of the special varieties of this stone that is worth emphasizing on is Crystal Emperador, which is very similar to classical Emperador Light except that it has almost no lines or veins, but instead has plenty of crystal white inclusions. We specialize in classical Emperador Light of light beige color and moderately uniform pattern. 
 Crystal Emperador:

2. Cracks. This material indeed is full of cracks. We avoid those in 90% of our material. And even when we come across them, we complete a high quality reparation. 

3. Black spots. Dark spots is the normal feature of this stone, however, black spots that are sometimes present in this material are considered to be a defect which makes the stone look unclean. We avoid this problem on the stage of block selection.

4.  Excessively dense pattern / non-uniform pattern. Some slabs have very thick white veins or large zones of very dark or very light color compared to the basic slab color. This, although not formally considered a defect, looks very poor. We avoid such extreme color features on the stage of block selection. 

5.   Bad looking pattern structures. Sometimes we come across material that looks excessively dark, with dense «net» of veins that does not look good. Although not considered a defect, this gives a very poor look to the whole product. We do not work with stones of this kind, and we advice others to be aware of similar troubles while working with unverified suppliers who might be unconscious of such problems.  

6.   White, brown or crystallic veins. If they come in small quantity and are not very large, they are considered normal and do not affect the general look of the stone. However, when they are excessive in quantity or size, this may become an obvious defect which can be clearly seen on the stage of block selection, so we are always able to distinguish and avoid it. 
Fee free to contact us for more questions: stone@pagodabuild.com
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