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Shanxi Black



  • The top quality black granite from China. Features absolute black color and finest grain.
  • Additional alternatives of budget black granites are available, with clear color and price segmentation offered

Chinese black granite Shanxi Black is popular all over the world. Yet, it is one of the most questionable stones, because Chinese suppliers often offer very different stones disguised under the Shanxi Black trademark. We can confidently assure you of understanding Shanxi Black and other black granites better than many other market players, because we spent years working with all possible options of black granites, learning about their fundamental differences, advantages and disadvantages. The factory that we’ve been working with based on the contract lasting for many years, processes exactly the original Shanxi Black (which, in fact, is extracted from only a handful of small quarries in China and is very shortly supplied to the market). 

These are several trademarks of black stones known nowadays, including:

- Shanxi Black granite (Shanxi province, China)

- Hebei Black granite, also known as China Black (Hebei province, China)

- Fengzhen Black granite

- Indian Black granite (India)

- Mongolian Black granite (Inner Mongolia AR, China)

- G684 basalt

We would like to warn you that it does not always work to stick with the commercial name of the black granite. Thus, the granite supplied under Shanxi Black trademark may often include both high quality granite (black, even color, absence of white dots) and poor quality granite. Same may be said about its popular substitute - Hebei Black granite (which we also frequently supply), thus high class Hebei Black can be much better than a low quality Shanxi Black, as well as all the way around.

When placing an order, it is extremely important to request physical granite samples from your supplier and agree on all possible color deviations.

Should you have any questions related to Shanxi Black or any other granites, connect with us at stone@pagodabuild.com. In our best tradition, we will respond to you quickly and professionally.


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