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Baltic Brown



  • Specialized China-based factory processing only Baltic Brown granite exclusively under control of our company
  • Honest and realistic evaluation of stone color (which is particularly important in case of this granite) followed by approval of the color by the client and guaranteed fulfillment of color agreements.
  • Attractive price in China (often eve more competitive than in Finland due to number of reasons)

Physical properties

Density, kg/м3 2740
Water absorption, % 0,09
Compressive strength, МPa 214
Bending strength (dry), MPa 14


Baltic Brown granite originating from Finland is one of the most popular brown granites frequently exported from China. Features coarse-grain structure and distinct brown color. Baltic Brown is supplied from several quarries where colors vary from deep red to light brown, thus it is very important to agree on applicable stone color and discuss acceptable color deviation before placing an order in Chia, especially when dealing with large orders. Our company is very meticulous about the color selection process.

Our company had signed the exclusive block selection agreement with China-based factory that specializes on processing of Baltic Brown only. This lets us and the factory give the most professional attendance to every order where this granite is used. The price of polished tiles, slabs, strips and other products made of Baltic Brown in China is often lower compared to the price at its origin country of Finland due to large bulk purchases, cheap sea freight and low cost of labor force and processing in China.

Polished tiles

It is extremely important both for client and for supplier to reach an agreement on Baltic Brown color standard to be used at each given order. It is not enough to simply confirm the commercial name and the photos of the material, because one of the features of this granite is that its color largely varies from quarry to quarry, from layer to layer and even from block to block. We are very familiar with this feature, thus each and every manager of our company knows the inviolable rule to always confirm the real “live” samples of Baltic Brown before starting production.

Due to our close cooperation with the processing factory of Baltic Brown in China, we have an exclusive priority to select the best blocks of this granite. This lets us firmly accept some of the largest projects with this stone measuring thousands of square meters, where we can fully guarantee the maximum color matching to the client.

We would like to demonstrate one of the color selection cases, where we completed an order of 4000 square meters of Baltic Brown polished tiles sized 600*600*18mm. Small sample that you are seeing below is the color sample that had been provided to us by the client as a color standard for this order.

Should you have any questions related to Baltic Brown graite, as well as any other granite – contact us at stone@pagodabuild.com

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