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Galactic Blue


Ukrainian labradorite Galactic Blue is unquestionably one of the most valued natural stone materials not only in Ukraine, but also in the whole world. Its intensive blue and purple iridescence and depth of its texture makes Galactic Blue comparable to semi-precious stones.

galactic blue

The main field of application of Galactic Blue granite is in production of countertops and high-end interior design products. The nearest plans of our stone processing business include the launch of cooperated production of façade and cladding stone tiles featuring flamed + aqua storm surface finish from non-standard size Galactic Blue blocks in Ukraine.

Pagoda-Build is an exclusive partner of Galactic Blue quarry, acting as an official distributor and manufacturer of all the small and medium sized premium quality blocks for the quarry. Our China-based warehouse constantly carries the stock of premium quality blocks in the amount of at least 100 cubic meters of raw stone (in addition to Volga Blue and Volga Cristal granites). This allows us to efficiently produce and ship the volumes of up to 3000 square meters of polished Galactic Blue finished products upon the orders of our customers. Our product scope includes but is not limited to slabs, strips, tiles and special shape customized products out of Galactic Blue labradorite. 

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Our technological know-how in the processing of Galactic Blue stone allows our company to achieve the highest degree of the stone surface polishing. The stone we produce has practically zero micro-cracks, with surface polishing degree close to mirror-like effect. This allows us to fully discover all the decorative value of this stone and offer it to our customers.

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