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15.08.2018OUR STONES

Volga Blue granite slabs from China. Updated showroom. Samples.

Our new showroom for Volga Blue, Galactic Blue, Volga Cristal and Rosso Santiago granites, which we wrote about earlier, is now updated with a big samples on one of the wall. Now, it's much more convenient for our clients to select type of Volga Blue granite by comparing it. Just to remind you - we are exclusive distributor of 3 best Volga Blue quarries from Ukraine as well as Red Rosso Santiago granite. We process blocks of Volga Blue in China and Rosso Santiago granite both, in Ukraine and China. Polished slabs and strips of Volga Blue labradorite and Rosso Santiago red granite are always available in our showroom and stock in China.

Below is a updated 2 min. video presentation of our showroom in China. 

For details - feel free to contact us: E-mail: stone@pagodabuild.com What's up: +8618559222834