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Pagoda-Build meets Ukrainian businessmen and politicians

Встреча руководства Xiamen Pagoda-Build
In the end of May 2012 the founder and advisory director of Xiamen Pagoda-Build Co., LTD Maksym Triasunov together with delegation of representatives of South-East Asia business elite was holding a meeting with business representatives and politicians of Ukraine. A number of constructive suggestions and ideas were discussed regarding local markets as well as international one. In particular, a meeting was arranged with the people's deputy of Ukraine Petro Andreyevich Yushchenko, in which the issues of cooperation between the countries of South-East Asia and Ukraine were discussed.

During the meeting, Petro Andreevich, expressing support of our company, as a representative of Ukrainian business in China, gave us the blessed Orthodox icon and the flag of Ukraine, which will tower over the plant along with Chinese and Russian flags. We believe that the meeting has laid a solid foundation for further expansion of Xiamen Pagoda-Build Co. LTD and its development.


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