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Trainings in Xiamen Pagoda-Build

Each company has it’s product and understanding of it’s value for the market. XiamenPagoda-Build is not an exception. Our product is a natural stone! :-) But even having the unique and marketable product it needs to be properly conveyed to the customer. And if we talk about the company in general-then it’s not only the managers responsibility, but also responsibility of each employee, since every company is a living organism, where every part has it’s strength, its role and tasks. One of the manager tasks is properly distribute roles that each team member can achieve the best results, realizing his/her own potential, which can benefit both sides — employees and the company as a whole.

Тренинги в Xiamen Pagoda-Build



That’s why Xiamen Pagoda-Build focuses on both personal and professional development of its personnel. 2 times a week we decided to provide marketing and sales training for our employees, as well as stone general knowledge training. From one side it will help to look deeper in the stone market expectations and needs. On the other hand clearly understand what we, as a stone processing company with the own production can offer to the market. How to do it with a high quality and consistently. And in anticipation with a customer needs always offering a bit more than he expects.



In friendly and informal atmosphere, encouraging frank expression of own opinion, for 1.5 hours we are plunged in the stone market research and the role of Xiamen Pagoda-Build Company in it.

Тренинги в Xiamen Pagoda-Build








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