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European and Middle East standards. Price difference.

If you had the experience of quoting granite prices from China (on such stones as grey granite G603, G654 etc.), you might face a problem of the confusing prices difference from different suppliers. It may look like the same stone, same size and processing, but price is so much different (sometimes 2-3 USD/m2 difference).

In the article below we expian why it happens.

To clarify the standards will be the first step to understand why the price per m2 varies. European standards and Middle East's are viewed as two main popular standards in the Chinese stone production. The European is considered as better quality and higher price, and the Middle East's - means low quality and economical option.

Below we take the popular Chinese light grey granite, Hubei G603, as an example to explain which factors influence the price.

1. Material

There is always a rumors that light granite from China, Hubei G603 (also called as Bella White granite), will be rusted after some period. In the same time many defenders believe that if using the blocks from the middle and deep of the mountain then the stone will never be rusted. That's why the blocks from middle and deep layer are hot and more expensive than from the other areas of the mountains. Factories contiously use this kind of clean blocks for the European orders. But for the low quality and cheap price order, it is not guaranteed, and usually cheaper blocks of G603-Hubei are used.

Polished stip with rust

2. Disc cutter

For this kind of cheap material factory requires speed and stresses efficiency, so most factories which cut 603-Hubei blocks for strips use the multiple blades cutter, and each half blades with the same size cutter. This kind of block cutter can produce more than 300m2 of strips per day which is very fast! But the accuracy is not good, you can often find the thickness tolerance from piece to piece, or from one side to another side. Within one piece it can be +-2mm,  sometime  even +-5mm.

Block cutters. 8 big+8 small blades

Tolerance: +-5MM for the thickness

If overlap many pieces, you will find the huge difference in tolerance of G603-Hubei tiles.

Another precise disc cutter with different size blades from each other, can cut only about 100m2 each day. The most cost difference comes from this step.

Tolerance for thickness is usually within +-1.5mm.

3. Polishing

Factories who can produce products out of chinese granites within the European standards usually have 24 heads polishing line. They polish the strips with good quality abrasive and in suitable speed. In the case the polishing degree is higher : around 85.

But for Middle east standards factories usually use 20 heads polishing line, with has cheap abrasive and operates with a fast speed. The polishing degree is only around 75.

24 heads polishing line 

86 polishing degrees

On the picture bellow is not G603-Hubei. Picture is just for reference to show low polishing degree.


Pallet packing for chinese granites is popularly used as cost saving option for the packing of thick paving stone and curb stones. But recently even 20mm thickness was taken into consideration and are packed in pallets to monimize cost. 2 tons of G603-Hubei tiles with pallet packing can save about 0,5 USD/m2 for 2cm, and around 1 usd/me for 3cm, but risk of cracks, chipping and broken tiles during the transportation will be increased. This fact should be taked into consideration.

crate packing

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