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Volga Blue and Rosso Santiago quarries visit.

In April 2018, general manager and founder of Xiamen Pagoda-Build Maksym Triasunov paid one of his regular visits to Ukraine in order to meet our supplying quarries and work on optimizing our supply chain. Namely, this time he focused on visiting Rosso Sangiago granite quarry and three of the best labradorite quarries supplying Volga Blue, Volga Cristal and Galactic Blue.

As you have probably already learned, aside from thriving export of granite and marble products from China (we are still one of the leading enterprises in this domain), we actively develop the direction of Ukrainian stones processing, since we see their large potential.

During this visit to Ukraine, we assessed several important questions:

1. We discussed our cooperation with the quarries in the technology aspect.

We are currently carrying out the program of massive upgrading of the machinery at the quarry and the factory that work on mining and processing Rosso Santiago red granite. The framework of this program involves supply of Chinese technology and strictly speaking replication of high performance Chinese manufacturing processes in Ukraine. In this way, we are expecting significant increase in production volumes, as well as substantial decrease in production costs (mainly related to mining, sawing and polishing), which will lower the net cost of the stones and result in highly competitive price of these stones in the global market.

During this trip, we established an important agreement related to carrying out similar programs on the two labradorite quarries within this year.

2. We inspected quality and special properties of the raw material in the newly developed deeper layers of the granite quarries of Volga Blue, Volga Cristal and Galactic Blue. And we are very happy with what we’ve seen. All the quarries are doing excellent expansion job. Every newly developed layer brings more beautiful and higher quality labradorite.

3. We worked on optimizing the standards of Volga Blue granite blocks approval on the quarry. Now that we have the most complete and up-to-date information on every Volga Blue block to be delivered, we can promptly accept orders and make production plans before the raw material arrives to our manufacturing facilities in China.

4. Since both extraction of stone and demand for it are growing, we have made a decision to increase the total volume of labradorite block supplies from Ukraine to China to 200 cubic meters a month as of the total products of the three best labradorites quarries (Volga Blue, Volga Cristal, Galactic Blue).

5. In year 2018, we are planning to focus on Volga Cristal (so-called New Volga Blue) labradorite, which is perhaps the most beautiful among Ukrainian labradorites. The availability of its blocks has grown significantly. Its iridescence has become deeper and more intense. Background color is as dense, dark and uniform as it has been. This material is steadily gaining popularity not only in China, but also in Iran, India and United States.

We are firmly going towards the goal of becoming the world's best supplier of products made of Volga Blue granite and Rosso Santiago granite, for which we have all the essential prerequisites, including:

  • active development of quarries and factories in Ukraine
  • technology and experience brought from China
  • the right of the priority choice of best blocks selection in the best quarries of Ukraine.

Feel free to write us any questions at: stone@pagodabuild.com




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