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“Xiamen Pagoda-Build” — sponsors a rugby team

Xiamen Pagoda-Build – спонсор команды по регби
On May 12, 2012 one of the most beautiful places in Xiamen city — Gulangyu Island, hosted annual rugby tournament — Xiamen Gulangyu Tens.

We have been thinking about being a sponsor for a long time, since it’s a big pleasure and honor to be involved in something important and socially significant. And, as Xiamen Pagoda-Build has always advocated for a healthy and active life style — we have decided to support the local Rugby Team — Xiamen Typhoons RFC and become one of their official sponsors.

Xiamen Pagoda-Build – спонсор команды по регби Xiamen Pagoda-Build – спонсор команды по регби

We are happy that since now the brand Xiamen Pagoda-Build in addition to the stone will also be associated with an activity, team spirit and dedication inherent in "Xiamen Typhoons" team.

And if you (like we used to) think this is an exclusively men sport, you are wrong! But it is a pleasant mistake :-) — in addition to the 12 men's teams from all over China, the fans were also pleased with the four women's teams. Energy, activity, healthy competition, all fully presented on the stadium! Xiamen Gulangyu Tens showed a strong, dynamic and team game!

Now, taking our customers and partners in Xiamen — world capital of the stone processing, we will be able to discuss business matters on the rock theme, not only at our office or stone factory, but also on the stadium, cheering our team — «Xiamen Typhoons» Join us! :-)

P.S. Photos below may help you to feel better the atmosphere of the game!

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