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  • The best grade of G-603 substitute in terms of quality. Features fine-grain structure of black and white colors and total absence of iron.
  • High quality surface processing done by professional processing factory located directly at the quarry.
  • Pagoda-Build controls stability of constant and cold black and white color delivered from the main quarry.

The quarry

Light gray granite G603-JJ takes its origins from Jiangxi province of China. It is the best substitute for the classical and well-known G603 (Bella White) granite which is not being supplied at present due to quarry closing, both materials are very similar in the features of color, polishing degree (>= 80 degrees), thickness tolerance, geometrical and angular precision. We cooperate with the quarry of G603-JJ that is currently considered to be the most developed one, with strictly standardized selection of blocks done on the stage of extraction and being classified into A, B, C categories. Xiamen Pagoda-Build also cooperates with the only one quarry-affiliated export oriented factory which, along with supplying standard polished and flamed tiles, produces project items (stairs, curb stones, balusters and otherproducts designed for projects).

Physical properties

Density, kg/м3 2650
Water absorption, % 0,27
Flexural strength in dry condition , MPa 14
Radiation class Class A.
Allowed for indoor
and outdoor use.

Possible problems

1. Natural color variation (for order quantity within 3 containers, selection of one of the 2 color can be done; in larger orders, both colors can be present).

2. Black spots, light and dark lines (sorted out on the stage of block selection and during the inspection of readily made products).  

Pictures of polished goods out of G603-JJ

Pictures of flamed goods out of G603-JJ

Points of attention

1. Possible color variation

G603-JJ comes in two shades of the same color - the lighter one and the darker one (see the photo above). The darker stone comes from upper layers of the quarry, while the lighter one (the one that tends to be more stable in color) is found in the bottom layers. Xiamen Pagoda-Build always selects A class blocks from the bottom parts of the quarry. We guarantee to supply the material of uniform color with minimum of natural shade variation for the orders within 3 containers. However, in orders of larger volumes (a thousand square meters and above) both shades can be found within the bulk order, which is a natural feature and is not considered to be a defect. However, you can feel secure, as shades does not mean different colors, it’s rather a slight natural variation of the same color which often can not even be noticed by casual (non-professional) observers and consumers.

2. A,B and C classes of G603-JJ granite

All the blocks of G603-JJ are marked as class A, B or C on the stage of extraction.
Class A includes perfect blocks that mainly go for polishing and production of project items for export. Class B includes the blocks that might have slight dark or light lines that can be used for production of flamed items under customer’s consent. Material with obvious spots, lines and other visible defects comes under the class C and is normally used for production of budget products for domestic market. Xiamen Pagoda-Build experts strictly control these categories and guarantee supply of material of exactly the quality standard that has been agreed by customer in the very beginning of production.

3. Geometrical tolerance

The factory that manufactures our stone is equipped with 2 types of machinery. The first type of machinery is used for producing domestic market products. The products finished by this type of equipment come out with notable tolerance (20mm thick tiles may have up to +/-3mm tolerance). The second type of equipment includes high precision machinery with higher cost of production of each square meter of stone, the finished products come out with highly precise geometry (20mm thick tiles might have up to +/-2mm tolerance, however, it is guaranteed that around 80% of the order will be up to +/-1mm tolerance). While starting an order, Xiamen Pagoda-Build always requests the factory to use specific type of equipment in accordance with the customer’s requirements related to precision.


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