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G654 (Padang Dark)



  • Elegant dark grey fine-grain granite.
  • Raw material is delivered from the most reliable suppliers and processed at three professional manufacturing facilities whose excellence had been verified overtime.
  • Clear and genuine classification of the varying categories of quality.
One of the most stable Chinese granites in terms of quality, color collaboration and price. Especially popular in polished and flamed tiles, pavement stones, monuments, etc.
The quarry of G654 is located in Fujian province, Xiamen. There are hundreds of factories around the quarry. Our company has a long-term partnership with best factories around a quarry, which allows us to supply best quality products with a competitive price to our Clients.

Physical properties

Density, kg/м2 2810
Water absorption, % 0,14
Compressive strength, Mpa 144 
Bending strength in dry state, Mpa 27,4 
Bending strength in wet state, Mpa 26,5
Class А.
Stone can be use both in inside
and outside of building







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