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Giallo Ornamentalle



  • High-end yellow granite.
  • Competitive pricing due to direct supplies from specialized manufacturer who owns the quarry in Brazil.
  • Transparent color selection categories.


This Brazilian granite gained a great popularity all over the World. Its deep, uniform yellow color and beautiful grain pattern make it incredibly attractive. We have spent years cooperating with China-based factory processing specifically this stone. Before starting to process any order, we personally select finest blocks at the factory. In year 2016 alone, we have shipped over 20 containers of various products made of Giallo Ornamentalle. For instance, we supplied this stone for decoration of a famous casino in Sochi, Russia. We carefully examined all the aspects of work with Giallo Ornamentalle during this job, and as the result of our work, we can proudly say that we are one of the most professional and knowledgeable manufacturers of this stone in China

Giallo Ornaentalle (also known as Oro Brasil) can be used as a more upscale substitute of famous Chinese yellow granites, such as G682 and Shandong Rust.

It is important to keep in mind that Giallo Ornamentalle has several color versions, and specific color choice is one of the most important details that we confirm with our clients prior to starting a project. Thus, we recommend the most valuable deep yellow blocks to be used in polished items, while the less expensive blocks with reddish tint and dark spots are most frequently used for creation of flamed, bush-hammered or brushed surfaces, as these types of processing normally offset color differences and color imperfections that are unacceptable in polished surfaces. However, in every order it is mainly the customer who sets the color choice. It is important that we guide the direction of block cutting – vein cut or cross cut stone can make dramatic difference! The photo below clearly displays those differences.

Most stone consumers are well aware that nearly all yellow stones get a pinkish tint after flame processing – the phenomenon explained by the presence of iron particles in their structure. In order to avoid this color transformation while creating a rough surface, we create bush-hammered surfaces instead of flaming. After bush-hammering, yellow stones gain whitish color, thus many clients prefer to have their stone brushed after bush-hammer processing. This processing guarantees that the stone fully opens up its color in the best possible way, while its surface gains rough surface, which however is smooth to touch compared to flamed stone.


Video presentation of Giallo Ornamentale

We hope that the information above was useful for you. For any additional questions - feel free to contact us: stone@pagodabuild.com

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