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Gohare Beige


Kea facts

  • Elegant beige limestone which was used as a signature decorative material in Salvatore Ferragamo stores interior.
  • There are several direct importers of this limestones based in China besides us. Our niche is a premium quality material.
  • We work with Gohare Beige for more than 5 years.

The quarry

Gohare Beige – is a beige limestone mined in Iran. Pagoda Build has been cooperating with top state-owned quarry in Iran, which gave us a priority in selecting extra grade blocks along with just a handful of other companies in the world that enjoy the same priority. We have to admit that only 15% to 20% of all the quarried Gohare Beige is considered to be a good quality material. We select our blocks only from those best batches. After selection, we have our blocks shipped to China for further processing and exporting to Europe and North America. We have been one of the very few companies to start the import of Gohare Beige to China years ago, and nowadays we regularly import up to 200 tons of blocks (around 10 containers) monthly.

Blocks choosing

Features. Pictures.

Cold beige tint of Gohare Beige along with its uniform color creates an elegant yet cozy look in interiors. It is an ideal color for inner decoration of commercial buildings, hotel lobbies and fashion stores. World famous fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo actively uses this limestone in its boutiques around the world. International apparel brand Ports finishes all the floors of men’s clothing departments in its stores with Pietra Grey marble, while women’s departments are finished with Gohare Beige. Italy, Japan and Australia are the countries where this material is extremely popular.

  Xiamen Pagoda-Build has been one of the first companies to start supplying Gohare Beige to China. Long term contract with Ports for supply of over 30000sqm of this material has helped to popularize this material both in China and in other countries.
  Unlike many typical marbles, Gohare Beige is a very hard and solid material, thus it does not need resin treatment or mesh attachment. This makes this material less costly, while the quality stays uncompromised. 

Problems you need to be aware of:

1. Color irregularities. We do everything possible to select blocks with most uniform surface color possible in Iran. However, the nature of this stone dictates that color irregularities may still occur even in finely selected blocks. This is not considered to be a defect, and the problem of color can be notably reduced by selecting color before purchasing.

2. Cracks. As any other natural stone, Gohare Beige is subject to cracking. Selection of top quality blocks minimizes this risk, however, it is not possible to completely eliminate it. Large amount of cracks is considered a defect. Small amount of cracks close to the edges if slabs is normally solved by offering reduced price, while when stone is to be cut into tiles, cracked parts can be avoided altogether.

3. Possible dark and yellowish spots. Small amount of spots is not considered a defect, while large amount of spots constitutes that material is of B class and customer can go ahead and request price reduction.


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