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Green Galaxy

Granite Green Galaxy - new granite from the North of China.
   Thanks to a combination of black and dark green – ideally suits for projects where required originality, sophistication and color uniformity. It looks black, but looking closer – it reveals its dark green color with a silver tint.

Material: Granite
Origin: North of China

Field of application:

- Monuments. The color remains unchanged with time.
- Facades
- Interiors boutiques, hotel lobbies, etc.

Alternative substitution:

- Black Galaxy
- Shanxi Black
- Hebei Black


- Competitive price (4-5 $ / m2 cheaper than many of the popular black granite)
- Uniform color
- Not standard color (looks black from a distance, closer to the sun dark green color reveals)
- Versatility of granite.
- High physical and mechanical properties of the stone.

Pay attention at:

1. Each year, the price of black granite (Shanxi Black, Hebei Black, etc.) is increasing due to high demand and a gradually   declining stocks of the quarries. Offers exceeds demand. This is why the Green Galaxy granite is a great alternative to black granite, in price, appearance and quality.

2. Do not provide a heat treatment process, due to the high iron specks in its composition.

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