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Ice Jade


Kea facts

  • Green-and-white marble with micro grain structure (very similar to onyx). 
  • Pagoda-Build is an exclusive supplier of this marble directly from the quarry.


Ice Jade is a light-green marble supplied exclusively by Xiamen Pagoda Build, while being a stone which is basically unknown outside China and very little known domestically in China. Both Ice Jade and Rainbow Jade originate from the new quarry located at the border of China and Afghanistan, however, these two stones are mined from different sectors of the quarry, thus they have significant differences. While dominant color for Rainbow Jade is pink, for Ice Jade it is light green. The quarry is brand new, with only the very top layer in work. And our company is one of the very few businesses that develop this material. If we speak of international marketers of this material, we are probably the only one.


Features and advantages 

1.Greenish white.


2.Distinctive green.

White color in Ice Jade is much warmer than that of, for instance, Volakas (famous Greek marble with gray veins). The pattern structure of this stone reminds that of broken glass due to randomly distributed natural micro cracks. Upon agreement with customer, we can offer a selection of one particular kind of Ice Jade out of the two. However, each of the two kinds will have some features of the other kind intermixed, this mainly occurs due to allocation of blocks in the same quarry sector.

Due to their unique structures, both Ice Jade and Rainbow Jade have very high translucent properties, thus they both can become a perfect alternative to white onyx. This unique property can work as a wonderful discovery for designers. In the meantime, Ice Jade is a perfectly hard and solid material, thus we can achieve a very high degree of polishing.

Another interesting solution is antique processing (brushing or acid treatment of the stone surface). This results in pure white mat surface with natural micro cracks and chaotic greenish lines on it, which gives it a very antique and at the same time very elegant look. Combination of white and green brings a feeling of natural freshness. Stone finished in such a way can be an excellent decoration for swimming pools, traditional bath-houses, spa centers and bathrooms.



Physical and mechanical properties


Density, kg/cbm 2710
Water absorbency, % 0,08
Flexual strength, Mpa 13,3
Compressive strengh, Mpa 107,3
Radiation class Сlass А.
Approverd for indoor and
outdoor usage without limits


Some possible problems that you need to be aware of:

1. Due to being mined from a completely newly explored quarry, with only top layer in work, blocks might have micro cracks, and although they do not affect hardness and solidity of the material, the consumers should be aware of them. These micro cracks (or veins) give the stone that unique resemlance with broken glass.

2. Color variation. We divide Ice Jade into 2 sub-categories (white one and greenish one), however, please keep in mind that such division is somewhat variable and even when we strictly select stone of particular category, it still may have subtle inclusions of different colors (light pink, greenish, grayish) within its dominant color. This feature must be clearly understood, and the best way is to confirm real samples before production.

Pictures of polished tiles



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