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Mapple Red



  • Inexpensive red granite
  • Honest and precise classification of colors and price points

The quarry

Maple Red is one of the top popular red granites of China. The quarry is located in Guanxi province, China. The color of maple red may vary from pale to bright red. The brighter the color, the higher the price of the raw material. Our company has long-term contracts with several selected and verified suppliers and factories, thus guaranteeing the quality of finished products. Through over 10 years of work experience with this stone, we have become perhaps one of the most experienced suppliers of Maple Red from China to other regions.

Physical properties

Density, kg/м2                                       2600
Water absorption, % 0,46
Compressive strength, Mpa 177,6 
Bending strength in dry state, Mpa 11,8 
Bending strength in wet state, Mpa 10,8
Class А.
Stone can be use both in inside
and outside of building


Before we go deep into description of Maple Red, let us say a few words about red granites in overall. It is not enough to barely know the commercial name and the price of stone when dealing with generic red granites. It is very important to have a clear understanding of what exactly a supplier is offering to you before placing an order, because any given stone may severely differ in color, presence of lines and spots and other features. In the video provided below we will show you an overall information about red granites. When it comes to Maple Red, we only work with 2 of its main quarries in China. Stones that come from each of these quarries differ in color. However, even the stone coming from within the same quarry may come in several color variations (brighter red or less bright red), depending on the layer it has been extracted from.

We mainly work with 2 major colors:

Polished and flamed tiles look like this:

Polished products


















Points of attention

1. As already mentioned above, it is extremely important to confirm the color of stone with supplier on the stage of price quotation. A cheaper stone will be very likely to have a pale red color. Ideally, you should request HD photos and/or have physical samples mailed to you, so that later on you can demand the supplier to ship exactly the stone confirmed by this standard sample.

2. Maple Red may have back spots (see the photo 1 from the quarry above). Normally products with such spots are considered to be defective and are subsequently rejected. However, if merely few items have spots of less than 2cm in diameter, this may not necessary be considered a defect. However, it is always better to confirm the standards with your supplier.


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