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New Bethel White


New Bethel White from new Chinese quarry is known to be the "whitest" among domestic granites. Pure white background with fine, uniform black quartzite grains makes this material perfectly combinable with any colors and materials, it is most widely applied for:

- Countertops.

- Cladding.

- Various elements of residential decor and many others...


   Most of the stones, which have similar appearance, and properties as New Bethel White - are more expensive. Specially imported alternatives. That’s why Xiamen Pagoda-Build offers New Bethel White as an exclusive stone. Despite of this, it’s useful to know about possible options, while choosing the stone:

Shandong White
White Pearl
• South Arabia White
American White


1. The unique white color combined with black and gray patches gives New Bethel White rich and elite appearance (that is one of the reason why our Saudi Arabia client chose New Bethel White for the city Mayor)

2. Low price (comparing to imported materials — America White etc)

3. Color constancy.

Important to pay attention:

1. Possible uneven pattern. The risk of such a situation can be minimized by carefully controlling the whole chain - from the choice of the slab to the production.

2. It is recommended to cover the product with a layer of waterproof liquid, in case if your product will be under the open sky.

3. From November to March on the New Bethel White quarry comes the so-called "Off season" - it may cause some prices increasing during this period, along with possible complications especially when ordering large volumes.
So, please, plan Your orders in advance!

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