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Noble Grey


Kea Facts

  • Newly quarried Chinese grey marble with impressive surface texture.
  • Pagoda-Build experts have a priority of selecting top quality blocks due to special agreement with the quarry.
  • High quality of final product is guaranteed due to processing of the stone at the vacuum resin treatment line with application of a bi-component resin.

Description and  quarry information

    Noble Grey is a very new, but increasingly popular material currently marketed by Pagoda Build. This stone takes its origins from South China’s Guizhou province. The color structure of the stone combines several shades of soft gray with random, but relatively evenly distributed dark veins and white spots. This unique structure created by nature gives special elegance and style to this material. There are total 5 quarries of Noble Gray located in Guizhou, and only one of them is considered to mine top-quality stone. We have signed and exclusivity agreement with this quarry, which gives us priority in selecting the best blocks directly in the quarry. The production capacity of the quarry is close to 2000 tons monthly, which can produce around 30000 sqm of slabs a month. This is a guaranty of constant supply available for large scale projects.







Block selection on the quarry

    Our experts personally travel to the quarry to select our best blocks. After being selected, each block is given a unique number and marked “PGD” to be then shipped to Xiamen for further processing.



Physical properties



Density, kg/m2 2250
Water absorption, % 0,6
Flecual strength, MPa 8
Compressive strength, MPa 100
Radiation class Class A.
Approved for indoor and
outdoor usage without limits.

Processing and advantageous features

   Before being sawn into slabs, all the 4 facets of block are reinforced with mesh. This procedure provides additional endurance to the slabs on the stage of sawing and minimized the risk of cracked edges.
The back side of all newly sawn slabs is also reinforced with mesh which is being laid onto cement, thus making the stone and the mesh a single durable structure. Stone reinforced by this method can be installed onto facades without any concerns about detachment. This kind of mesh costs us additional $1.5 for each square meter, compared to the ordinary mesh typically applied on marble at the cost of about $0.3.

Another special processing feature worth mentioning is the two-component epoxy resin applied onto the surface of the stone at cost of $2/sqm.

We strongly believe that these little extra investments into the quality prove highly efficiently in the long run.



Polished tiles. Completed projects




Problems you shoud be aware about


   Due to its natural structure and presence of micro cracks, Noble Gray is a relatively brittle material. However, by applying durable resin and reinforcing blocks and slabs with mesh as described above, we maximally protect our stone from spreading of cracks and other kinds of damage.
The rock that Noble Gray is mined from in the quarry naturally has plenty of cracks, however, due to our priority agreement with the quarry, we have an opportunity to select the best blocks.


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