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Xiamen Pagoda-Build Co., LTD main business activity is processing and distribution of material from Ukrainian top four labradorite quarries (Volga Blue) and original Rosso Santiago red granite quarry. All labradorite blocks we ship to our stockyard in China and process here. Rosso Santiago red granite we process both at our Chinese and Ukrainian facilities.

Our technical know-how in Volga Blue and Galactic Blue granites processing allow us to minimize cracks and micro-cracks and reach “mirror effect” in polishing. High output and cost optimization allow us to offer best Volga Blue at very competitive prices.

Scope of our cooperation with Ukrainian quarries also includes transfer of mining and processing technologies from China. Our vision is to advance Ukrainian stone industry by combining country unique resources with advanced Chinese technology.

We have been on the stone market since 2006.

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  • 2006 – company founded
  • 2007 – started working with Volga Blue
  • 25 days – maximum delivery time for any Volga order below 2000 m2
  • 400 m3 – average stock of premium blocks
  • 8000 m2 – monthly supply capacity
  • #1 – world top supplier of premium Volga Blue and Galactic Blue products

Main reasons to buy Volga Blue, Galactic Blue and Rosso Santiago granites from Pagoda-Build:

  • We have best raw material on the market.
  • Premium slabs and strips available for selection from our warehouse both online and offline.
  • Advanced processing techniques developed over 10 years of working with Ukrainian labrodorites.
  • Fast delivery time.
  • Strong expertise in project management.
  • Competitive pricing.

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We are looking forward to long-term cooperation!



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