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"turn-key" stone projects.

  Among our most recent jobs, orders for granite, marble and onyx products for custom designed projects such as private homes, hotels, casinos are becoming increasingly frequent. These are normally large and complex projects that require our full immersion and attention to every detail. We love orders like this. And we are probably one of the very few foreign owned and managed companies in China that can successfully complete projects of this complexity, thanks to our 10 years experience in stone industry. Projects of this kind are extremely interesting for us and we dedicate all our creativity and knowledge, along with essentially close communication with customers, architects and designers to fulfill them.


  Customers who place complex luxury orders with us get great benefits not only in saving their funds (due to production costs being 3 to 4 times lower compared to those overseas), but also in our full dedication, individual approach in stone selection and processing. Working with us, they enjoy working directly with manufacturer, yet have a very complex project completed to the very end, up to delivery to door.

  These days we are completing the project for private house of one of our close customers in Russia. This is a very exciting job, and its results make us very happy.


Let us remind the algorithm of work arrangement for the orders of this kind:


1. Confirmation of project images and drawings 

2. Formulation of general specification and rough cost (which can vary due to stone selection and other parameters) 

3. Selection of materials, confirmation of materials with customers by means of photo or video

4. Manufacturing process followed by detailed inspection of every item 

5. Packaging and shipment

Summarized job process looks like a mathematical formula: project images + drawings and details provided by customers. We analyze drawings and, together with customer, make a decision about stone selection and optimal technology to be applied. Like in the following photo:

After all items have been produced, we do a dry layout in order to see the big picture and ensure that every detail matches specification.

This is another fragment of this project - spiral staircase made of Greek marble Volakas. Project images, detailed drawings of each stair, resulting products:


A per customer’s request, we used a high end Italian marble Calacatta White (class A), that cost us $350 per sqm in order to lay symmetrical “butterfly” pattern, as shown on the photo below:  

We applied some other interesting techniques on some other fragments of the orders, like pasting of marble onto granite base (for massive items) in order to reduce the cost.

The following photos will present the results of our work without many words needed to say. We put our soul into every single piece. The project was full of complex details and peculiarities that we had to observe (polished sides, angular sides of 45 degrees, 3mm beveled edges along the sides of each tile, composite panels made of marble on aluminum base for extra light weight, etc)

When the products are ready for shipment, every item is packed in a premium class package for optimal transportation safety and minimization of transportation damage risks.