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The range of products includes:

stone slab
Products according to customer drawings
Shaped products (profiles, table tops, radius plate, monuments, etc.).

The workshops are equipped with new, modern, automated, high-precision equipment from leading Chinese manufacturers (Julun, Yinhua, Xingda), in Vol. H .:

  • bridge sawing machines;
  • cable machines with CNC control;
  • 20-head automatic polishing line;
  • automatic edging machines and specialized computer controlled t. n.

All machines have a high level of automation and precision machining. This allows us to minimize human error and maximize the quality of manufactured products. We managed to collect a control command of the leading experts in the stone processing industry, which is key to the success of high-quality and timely execution of orders of any complexity.

With its own carpentry shop, we also pay special attention to packaging. Along with the standard of high-quality packaging, offered luxury packaging, which guarantees the preservation of stone, even with wagon w / d transportation, logistics provides the convenience of products made of granite and marble on getting her client.

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