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Rainbow Jade


Kea facts

  • Newly discovered marble of pink-and-white color – premium equivalent of Roso Portugalo.
  • Physical structure and light translucency of Roso Portugalo makes it very similar to onyx.
  • Pagoda-Build is an exclusive supplier of this marble directly from the quarry.

The quarry

Rainbow Jade is a light-green marble supplied exclusively by Xiamen Pagoda Build, while being a stone which is basically unknown outside China and very little known domestically in China. 
The quarry of Rainbow Jade located at the border of China and Afghanistan is completely new and has been developed very recently. At the beginning of 2016 it has been only the very top layer in work, but the quarry is being actively developed, as the demand for this stone is growing higher. Our company was among the first businesses that nsigned an agreement for selection of top quality blocks with the quarry.


Physical and mechanical properties

Density, kg/cbm 2710
Water absorbency, % 0,08
Flexual strength, Mpa 13,3
Compressive strengh, Mpa 107,3
Radiation class Сlass А.
Approverd for indoor and
outdoor usage withou limits

Features and advantages

Rainbow Jade is a light colored marble, with presense of pink, grayish and greenish shades. It is an excellent alternative to white onyx, as well as the popular Portuguese marble Rosa Portugal (actually, Rainbow Jade's aesthetical and physical properties are higher compared to its Portuguese predecessor).

Due to its unique mineral structure, Rainbow Jade is highly translucent, with degree of transparency practically equal to that of onyx. Due to this property, this stone can be of a very high value as a decorative material in high-end projects, where the effect of translucency is frequently used combined with background lights to create a very special atmosphere. 


Rainbow Jade is a perfectly hard and solid material, thus we can achieve a very high degree of polishing.

Some issues that you need to be aware of:

Due to being mined from a completely new quarry, with only top layer in work, some blocks might have micro cracks, and although they do not affect hardness and solidity of the material, the consumers should be aware of them. Also, color variation is quite big, which is hardly can be called disadvantage (acceptence of this issue depends on personal taste of the customer) , but still we need to mention this aspect. 

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