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Rosso Santiago


Quick facts:

Occupies a leading market position in the ratio of price/ quality / appearance;

  • One of the most beautiful large grain red granites in the world;
  • There are total 3 deposits in Ukraine, each of them differing in shade and quality. We work with the original and the best deposit out of these three;
  • Fast delivery time due to a large stock of blocks and slabs both in China and Ukraine;
  • Techniacal pertnership with the quarry gives us strong competitive edge both in pricing and quaility.

The quarry

There are 3 main quarries in Ukraine that supply Rosso Santiago granite worldwide. Our main supplier of the raw stone blocks is the owner of so-called Kapustinsky deposit, which is the most famous and considered to be the best in Ukraine in terms of quality, color, size of blocks and other criterias. Below, you will find the video and a few photos taken at the quarry below.

Features of the Quarry:

  • The color of granite coming from the quarry of Rosso Santiago we work with features the brightest shade of red color compared to the stones supplied from the other quarries in the region;
  • There is a professional processing factory located at the quarry, which is a huge advantage. We have been cooperating with this factory in stone technology field, specifically in machinery and tools supplies and in introducing state-of-the-art stone processing techniques from China. Thus, we developed dealer partnership and significant discounts for this stone;
  • We have a priority right of selecting the top-quality blocks from the quarry. Each block is picked personally by our inspector directly at the quarry in Ukraine;

Physical and mechanical properties (average values):

Density, kg/sqm 2670
Water absorbency, % 0,24
Compressive strength limit (in dry condition), kg/sqcm 1735
Compressive strength limit (in water-saturated condition), kg/sqcm 1563
Freezing resistance (minimum value) 50
Abrasion resistance, g/sqcm 0,43
Radioactivity  1 class

Block cutter installation on the Rosso Santiago factory:

In December 2017 we have successfully launched our first machine at Rosso Santiago Factory. Significant quality and cost improvements set the basis for big modernization project of both factory and quarry. It is currently in progress (2018 - 2019).

Rosso Santiago Granite Manufacturer

Polished tiles of Rosso Santiago:

Rosso Santiago Granite Slabs from Ukraine

Rosso Santiago Granite Tiles

 Rosso Granite Suppliers

Rosso Santiago Granite Slabs & Tiles

Reach out to us at stone@pagodabuild.com for any inquiries regarding Rosso Santiago, as well as any other granite.

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