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Sarhak Beige


With a nice beige color, the Iranian Sarhak Beige limestone ideally suits for public places where you need to create a cozy atmosphere, combined with the mellow, classical style (walls, lobbies of hotels, boutiques, interior design, commercial buildings etc.)

Xiamen Pagoda-Build had decided to include Iranian Sarhak Beige stone in its list of exclusive stones for several reasons:

  1.   Successful combination of appearance, performance, and price (for example, Sarhak Beige is almost 2 times cheaper than the Spanish marble Crema Marfil….while being almost 100% copy of it).
  2.   Exclusive partnerships with several Iranian quarries and the opportunity to control the selection of blocks as well as cut into slabs on our own production factory in China.

Important to know


1.    Consisting iron oxides in  it’s structure - Sarhak Beige is not recommended to set outside (under the sky) and expose the rock to the interaction with water.

2.  Like many natural stones - Sarhak Beige limestone has micro cracks in it’s structure. The higher price of stone - the smaller amount of micro cracks. In any case, before polishing it is important to thoroughly cover Sarhak Beige slabs with a the special resin and let it dry under the sun (or in a special ovens).

Pictures Xiamen Pagoda Build where Sarhak Beige is used

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