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Shandong Rust



  • Inexpensive yellow granite from China
  • High quality processing directly at the professional quarry-affiliated factory

The quarry

The yellow granite Shandong Rust comes from Shandong province of China. As of today, it is probably the best alternative to the well-known G682 (Sunset Gold) granite which has been continuously growing in price due to its deficiency after the quarry closing. Shandong Rust quarry is large and very well developed, and our company has been closely cooperating with it for years.

Physical properties

Density, kg/м2 2600
Water absorption, % 0,46
Compressive strength, Mpa 177,6
Bending strength in dry state, Mpa 11,8
Bending strength in wet state, Mpa
Radiation Class А.
Stone can be use both in inside
and outside of building


The color scheme of Shandong Rust granite varies from light beige, to yellow, and to bright orange. The color of the finished products can be to some extent controlled by block selectin. However, several shades of yellow (spread evenly or coming in form of lines) may be found even within the same block. This is the natural feature of Shandong Rust, and to the large extent this is what defines the beauty and the distinguishability of this stone. The photos below showcase the possible color palette of the products finished with this stone. Before an order is placed, we may agree with client to select the color of preference, thus we will try to stick to this preference as much as possible and avoid color extremities deviating from it. We communicate these features with the client straightforward, without hiding any information, letting you know that we know practically everything related to this stone and are able to control it.

The color of Shandong Rust, as well as of most of the other yellow granites, is formed due to the presence of metal in the stone composition, which reacts to the oxygen and oxidizes, thus obtaining that “rusty” shade. When processed with flame, Shandong Rust (as well as other yellow granites) obtains a pinkish shade caused by the contact of flame with the iron found in the structure of this stone. However, when bush-hammered, the surface of this stone obtains coarse surface while keeping its color at yellow, thus bush-hammering is the most recommended type of processing when a rough surface is needed and when a client cannot accept a pinkish color.

Photos of Shandong Rust polished tiles

Photos of Shandong Rust flamed tiles

In dry condition

In wet condition

Important to know

1. Due to high water absorbency, Shandong Rust granite will become even more yellow over time (due to the contact of metal in structure of stone with humidity). This is neither good, nor bad, however, a stone consumer should be aware of it. This however does not occur to polished Shandong Rust, as polished surface absorbs significantly smaller volumes of water and thus the color does not change much over the time. In many cases, we recommend to apply a waterproof agent during processing in order to protect the stone from humidity.

2. When a rough surface is needed while the color has to keep its original yellow shade, it is recommended to treat the stone with bush-hammers rather than flame. Shandong Rust granite - is a cheap yellow granite from China and the best alternative of G682 granite (Sunset Gold) which quarry is closed recent years. For more than 10 years of our work with Shandong Rust granite we studied all advantages and disadvantages of this material very detailed, and may confidentely say that our company is one of the best Chinese suppliers of this material.


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