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Volga Cristal



  • Very dark black background color, huge grains in structure, intensive silver and blue iridescence.
  • Stable color. Absence of any rust spots.
  • All the premium class blocks are selected and processed by our company.
Volga Cristal labradorite is a material from the new professional labradorite quarry in Ukraine. Our company has an exclusive agreement on purchasing all premium class blocks of New Volga Blue and distribution of the finished goods out of it. Defining characteristics of this stone are very dark black background color, intensive silver and blue iridescence, absence of any rust spots. It has calamity and elegance of Antique Brown granite, but looks much richer and deeper due to intensive silver and blue iridescence, which make Volga Cristal color richness.

Physical properties

Density, kg/м2 2830
Water absorption, % 0,10 - 0,22
Compressive strength, Mpa 1700
Frost Resistance Grade F-50
Radiation Class 1: 
no restrictions for usage
indoor or outdoor

The quarry of Volga Cristal labradorite (New Volga Blue)

Quarry currently produces around 100 m3 per month and all best blocks (over half of production) and purchased by Pagoda-Build as a part of our long term exclusive dealership agreement. Our company QC is selecting blocks on daily basis.


In our opinion, Volga Cristal granite (New Volga Blue) features the most elegant color structure among all Ukrainian labradorites. Minimum of naturally occurring defects greatly increase its decorative value and properties in exploitation. The most recommended fields of use of this material include high-end interior and exterior finishing, bathroom decoration, countertops ansd memorial products.

Blocks selection of Volga Cristal


Video of Volga Cristal granite (blocks/products)

Polished Volga Cristal (strips/tiles/monuments)

New Volga Blue granite from Ukraine

Volga Cristal labradorite slabs

New Volga Blue granite

Volga Cristal labradorite


  • Pure black background color, intense crystal-blue iridescence. Most stone consumers customarily assume that all Ukrainian labradorites come under one brand of Volga Blue granite, mistakenly considering that all of them originate from the same quarry. In reality though, they include diversity of many materials coming from quarries located miles apart. Each quarry delivers a uniquely colored material. 80% of all extracted stone comes with greenish background color and green-and-yellow iridescence. Volga Cristal granite has the deepest black background among all Ukrainian labradorites, with largest grain in its structure. The iridescence of the stone is very intense (up to 30% of all the stone surface) and features elegant, moderate crystal-blue shade.

  • Minimum of micro-cracks. Vast majority of Ukrainian labradorite quarries had been developed during Soviet Union times, when stone mining was mainly performed by blasting method. Due to this reason, the rock massif that carries labradorite blocks up till nowadays is full of open cracks and hair-cracks. Volga Cristal quarry was developed from scratch in 2014 using modern technology and Italian equipment, avoiding applying explosives. Due to this reason, the problem of cracks is minimized in this material. .
  • Absence of corrosion. Many Ukrainian labradorites, including classic Volga Blue, contain large amounts of iron. This causes the phenomenon of corrosive spots appearing on the surface of tiles, especially when used outdoors. In Volga Cristal, the content of iron is minimal, thus there is no problem of rust spots in it.
  • Ideal stone for manufacturing of memorial products. Intense black background color, moderate iridescence and absence of rust makes this material a perfect option for production of monuments and extended memorial complexes.


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