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Volga Blue overview. Our advantages.

Ukrainian Volga Blue granite – is truly one of the most beautiful natural stone in the World, which we ship from China to many countries for the recent 10+ years.

We encourage you to spend 10 minutes for the reading an information below including watching the video, which, we believe, will help you to escape many problems while purchasing Volga Blue labradorite from any supplier you chose.

Volga Blue granite. Overview. Top options. Our advantages

1. What is Volga Blue. Volga Blue is commercial name for worldwide known Ukrainian labrodorite. Though, many people call it as a granite.

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2. How many Volga Blue granites exist on the market. There are about 10 active quarries of Volga Blue granite in Ukraine and each of them is a bit (sometimes a lot) different in such parameters as: development of the quarry/stone color/blocks quality, quantity, size comparing to others. Each quarry in Ukraine has it’s own name of their labrodorite: Volga Blue, Volga Classic, Blue Eyes, Ukrainian Night, Volga Cristal etc, Galactic Blue etc. Most of clients and customers name this variety of labrodorites as Volga Blue to make it easier for the marketing & sales purposes.

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3.1 Tree types of Volga labradorite from 3 different quarries, which our company works with are:

    • Volga Blue granite (with an actual commercial name in Ukraine as Blue Eyes labradorite). We have a priority on chosing the best blocks Volga. All other companies in the world chose blocks AFTER US.
    • Volga Cristal granite. One of less famous but the most stylish and stable labradorite from Ukraine with a super dark background and a big grains. We are an exclusive supplier of this material in China
    • Galactic Blue granite. Our company, being the world’s most professional Volga Blue supplier gained the trust from this quarry and since 2018 we are exclusive supplier of “A class” non-gangsaw blocks from this quarry.

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3. Why some Volga Blue granite is cheap and another is expensive. If you search “Volga Blue granite from Ukraine” in Google or Alibaba you will find numerous suppliers of Volga with, sometimes, super low price per m2. It may be tricky and you need to be very careful. We encourage you to investigate about your supplier as much as possible:

    • Which quarry of Volga Blue labradorite in Ukraine he is working with? Ask for samples!
    • Does the supplier have a stock of blocks/slabs of Volga available in China/Ukraine?
    • Which equipment is used to process Volga Blue granite (cutting/polishing/resin etc.). It influences a lot for the quality and price of the final product, such as Galactic Blue, Volga Blue, Volga Cristal slabs.
    • Reputation of the Volga supplier etc.

4. Why we believe that our company is one of the TOP in the World for the Volga Blue supply.

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    • 10+ years on the Chinese and Ukrainian markets.
    • Best quarries in Ukraine. We spent years to select, developed relationship and gain priority on the blocks selection on the regular basis from 3 best quarries in Ukraine. Due to our technological and marketing advantages, quarries trust us and often let us to be their exclusive representative in China.
    • “First hand” priority in blocks selection. Which leads to the higher quality of raw materials (most of other suppliers, even if they show very good sample, when it comes to the real order – can not supply high quality material on the regular basis. We can!)
    • High quality of processing. It may seem simple to process Volga, but it’s not. Our regular clients know it. Top quality of our material is achieved by combination of such factors as material understanding + experience + technology. We know and have developed technology in China for the cutting and resin Volga Blue granite in a proper way, minimizing cracks and increasing the valid output of the material.
    • Good material of Volga Blue granite is always available in our stock in China.
    • Last but not least: Top management of our company are Ukrainians who work on the Chinese market and natural stone more then 10 years. This unique international position makes us probably №1 in the World in terms of understanding Ukraine – as a supplier country and manufacturing in China – as a world leading center of stone processing.

We hope that information above was useful for you. And now, whichever supplier you will chose to work with, you will be more aware of the possible problem.

For any questions regarding Volga Blue granite feel free to contact us: Stone@pagodabuild.com



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