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Natural Stone Catalog

Rosso Santiago

There are 3 main quarries in Ukraine that supply Rosso Santiago granite worldwide. Our main supplier of the raw stone blocks is the owner of so-called Kapustinsky deposit, which is the most famous and considered to be the best in Ukraine in terms of quality, color, size of blocks and other criterias. Below, you will find the video and a few photos taken at the quarry below.

Galactic Blue

The main field of application of Galactic Blue granite is in production of countertops and high-end interior design products. The nearest plans of our stone processing business include the launch of cooperated production of façade and cladding stone tiles featuring flamed + aqua storm surface finish from non-standard size Galactic Blue blocks in Ukraine.

Volga Cristal

Volga Cristal labradorite is a material from the new professional labradorite quarry in Ukraine. Our company has an exclusive agreement on purchasing all premium class blocks of New Volga Blue and distribution of the finished goods out of it. Defining characteristics of this stone are very dark black background color, intensive silver and blue iridescence, absence of any rust spots.

Volga Blue

Volga Blue is a true classics among the labradorites, with its black background color and intense bright blue iridescence. This stone creates truly elegant interiors, exteriors, bathrooms and countertops. Our company enjoys an exclusive agreement with new quarry of this stone. Today, the Volga Blue that we supply is considered to be the highest quality of its kind in several parameters (details provided further). The framework of our agreement with the quarry gives us the benefit of the first choice in selection of blocks, thus 100% of top quality blocks are nowadays selected by our professional representative in Ukraine.