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Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue)

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) купить, главное фото
Physical properties
Density, kg/м2
0,08 - 0,17
Water absorption, %
Compressive strength, Mpa
Frost Resistance Grade
Class 1: no restrictions for usage indoor or outdoor
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Blue Eyes (with an old commercial name Volga Blue) is a true classics among the labradorites, with its black background color and intense bright blue iridescence. This stone creates truly elegant interiors, exteriors, bathrooms and countertops. Our company enjoys an exclusive agreement with new quarry of this stone.
Top quality polished Volga Blue (Blue Eyes) granite. Slabs. Tiles. Shipment from China worldwide.

Today, the Blue Eyes that we supply is considered to be the highest quality of its kind in several parameters (details provided further). The framework of our agreement with the quarry gives us the benefit of the first choice in selection of blocks, thus 100% of top quality blocks are nowadays selected by our professional representative in Ukraine. We also have an exclusive right for import, processing and sales of the stone from this quarry on the territory of China. Using modern machinery for processing in China, as well as direct supplies at dealership prices, allow us to offer the highest quality Volga Blue products to the market at extremely competitive prices.
Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa010d051


It is the newest labradorite quarry of Ukraine nowadays. Development and opening work at the quarry has been completed only in early 2016. Today, there is a highly professional team working at this quarry with their most up-to-date equipment. The color of the stone mined at this quarry is a true luxury – pure black background and intense, deep blue iridescence. Our company was the first to buy the quarry’s first imported block number 82 in May 2016.

Volga Blue labradorite quarry in Ukraine. Delivery from China/Ukraine.

Since 2016 till January 2018 we exported from Ukraine to our stock in China around 750m3 of Blue Eyes labradrite. Below you will find video from the quarry and one of the blocks selection process, which we captured in November 2017.

Volga Blue labradorite blocks selection. Ukraine.

The quarry has been developed from the scratch, as mining work had never been performed before in the radius of up to 10 miles around that area. Thus, the problem of cracks is minimal in this material. Vast majority of other labradorite quarries around Ukraine had been severely damaged by mining explosives that had been widely used in mining work since Soviet Union times.

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa010d83e


Since cooperation beginning in 2016 we select blocks on the quarry in Ukraine on regular basis (almost every month). Below is the video we captured in November 2018 and some pics which represent the blocks quality in general.

Labradorite Volga Blue from Ukraine. Blocks selection.

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa010e0b8

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa010e8fe

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa010f226

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa010f8b8

Blue Eyes labradorite blocks. Arrival to China. We double check each block of Blue Eyes both, in Ukraine and China, to make sure it’s the best quality.

Blocks of Volga Blue and Volga Cristal granites. New arrival.


Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa010fefa

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa0110496


…and our showroom in China (Xiamen), where you can always check personally quality of Blue Eyes granite strips.

Украинский лабрадорит Волга Блу (Volga Blue). Распил в Китае на Иран.

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa0110a59

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa0111077

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa0111615

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa0111ceb

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa01122f3

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa011293e

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa011301e

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa011368e

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa0113ce6

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa0114329

Blue Eyes labradorite (Volga Blue) фото 6699aa011497b


Some more video of Volga Blue granite slabs and strips (our showroom, new processing of Volga Blue etc.)

New showroom in China. Volga Blue/Galactic Blue/Volga Cristal/Rosso Santiago granite

Volga Blue granite. New surface processing: Flamed and Waterjet.


Our company has been supplying and processing labradorites since 2007. We have cooperated with a good dozen of Ukrainian quarries. Thus, humbleness aside, we can consider ourselves as one of the world’s most professional suppliers of Ukrainian labradorite.j

Before listing all advantages and disadvantages of our material, we would like to once again dispel the myths that there is only one quarry of Volga Blue in the whole world and that all Ukrainian labradorites are the same Volga Blue from one big quarry. Dozens of quarries with completely different features and textures are scattered around the region at considerably large distance from one another. Our company experienced working with pretty much each and every one of them. Nowadays we cooperate with only two best quarries.


  1. 1. Color. About 80% of Ukrainian labradorite blocks aimed for export have very little common with classical Volga Blue. That stone has greenish background, with iridescence dominated in yellowish and green colors. A few years ago we named that stone Volga Classic. Objectively speaking, that stone has a lot of external disadvantages compared to Volga Blue that has a deep black main color with bright blue iridescence. Besides our quarry, there is only one quarry supplying classical Volga Blue nowadays, however, that quarry has serious problems of corrosion, which we will touch in detail later.
  2. 2. The guarantee of no rust. Many Ukrainian labradorites (especially the competitor’s quarry of Volga) contain large amounts of iron, which after certain amount of time turns rusty due to contact with humidity, especially when the stone is used outdoors. Our BLUE EYES contains minimal amounts of iron, thus the problem of rust is eliminated.
  3. 3. Better polishing and resin processing. What makes this stone truly beautiful and exceptional is a quality processing, especially polishing and resin application. We use high quality imported bi-component epoxy-based resin which was selected specifically for this stone, and then we polish the stone on automated line. Many other manufacturers, especially those based in Ukraine, do not have neither this knowledge base nor the technological facilities to do this level of processing
  4. 4. Minimum of microcracks.


  1. 1. If you are interested to get slabs, tiles and other products made of our Blue Eyes labradorite at the most competitive prices, you came to the right place, welcome to submit your inquiry by contacting us.
  2. 2. If due to any reasons you plan to work with other suppliers of Volga Blue, make sure to refer to the information provided in this article, be cautious, carefully verify the color and other peculiarities of the stone you chose from your supplier.


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